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PA server Seller Training

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2016 Liquor Code changes now require that anyone hired on or after Aug. 8, 2016, who serves or sells alcoholic beverages and/or checks IDs – including bartenders, waiters, beer distributor sales persons, bouncers, doorpersons, etc. – must complete RAMP server/seller training within six months of being hired by a licensee, unless the person successfully completed RAMP server/seller training prior to being hired.

PA Server Seller Training Co's course costs $12. If you are purchasing multiple courses for your staff, we offer a discount of 20% on orders of 10 or more courses.

If you are a veteran, enter your Branch of service and year of enlistment when registering and you will receive a 20% discount on your course.

We offer one free retake if you do not pass the Final Exam on your first attempt, but you will need to go through the course again.

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"This course is well laid out and the rate was great. I was able to print out my certificate right away. Thank you PA Co."
Daniel B.

"The course was great and I was able to take it at my own pace. I could stop and come back later and continue where I left off."
Tom S.

"I looked at a number of these courses and this one was offered at a great price."