How long does your course take to finish?

Our course takes approximately 2.5 hours to finish.  However, you do not have to do it all at once.  We save your progress and you can come back anytime you wish to finish.

Please note, there is a final exam after the course and a score of 80% or better is needed in order to pass and become RAMP certified. Once you pass the final exam, you will be able to download your certificate. There are several quizzes throughout the course. These quizzes are scored, but this score does not affect your completion. Only your score on the final exam is counted towards your RAMP certification.

What if I do not pass the Final Exam?

If you do not pass the Final Exam on your first attempt, you are entitled to one free retake. If you do not pass on your second attempt, you will need to re-register for the course.

What is the price of your course?

Our normal price is $12.00.

Do you offer group or team discounts?

We offer a 20% discount on purchases of 10 or more courses. After purchase you will receive a number of vouchers via email, one for each course purchase which can be used by your team members when they register. If you are interested in buying 100 or more courses, please contact us for rates.

Why am I having a problem with the security checks when I take the course?

The security checks are required by the PLCB. Please note that they are case sensitive and must be an exact match to the answers you provided when you register. You can view your info by clicking on My account and then going to My Account details. You can change your security question answers by clicking on Edit address. When finished, click on the green Save address button.

Why is there more than one course access in my cart?

When you click on one of the Buy the course buttons it adds the Course access to your cart, so if you click on it more than once it will add an additional course to your cart. You should review your cart before you submit your order. If you see more than one course in your cart, change the quantity to one and update your cart and then proceed to checkout

I purchased a group of vouchers for my staff, why can’t I take the course myself?

When you purchase a multi-course package, you receive a number of vouchers, one for each course access. You are not automatically granted the student role which is what is needed to take the course. If you want to take the course yourself, you will need to register for an individual course and use one of those vouchers when you register for the individual course.

When I register, can I use someone else’s email address?

Everyone who registers for the course must have their own email address that they have access to in order to make a unique account. You can not share an email address with someone who will be taking the course, otherwise there will be reporting issues when your results are sent to the PLCB. NO SHARING EMAIL ADDRESSES

Can I register for my employees through my account?

No, each person must register for their own individual account with their own email address and information. If you purchase a block of courses for your staff, you will receive a number of vouchers, one for each course that you purchase. You then distribute one voucher to each person who will be taking the course and they will then register for an individual course.